Last Words in Texas

Analyzing the last statements of 454 executed people in Texas.

ca·coph·o·ny - a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.

2020 USA First Presidential Debate in perspective.

Color in Books

Visualizing color in the Greatest Books Ever.

One Century of Plane Crashes

An exploration of 100 years of plane crashes from 1919 to 2019.

Visual Look at 2 Million Chess Games: Part 2

Looking deeper into 2 million chess games with reader suggestions.

One Year in Vancouver: Visualizing Events

2018 in Vancouver through the lens of event listings on the Georgia Straight.

Text Mining LOST

Text mining transcripts of the TV show LOST for gold.

A Visual Look at 2 Million Chess Games

2 million chess games visualized.

Optimizing Particle Background Performance with Quadtrees

Using quadtrees to optimize particle systems.

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