ca·coph·o·ny - a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.

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I always get glimpses of cool ideas when I see great data, and after watching parts of the First Presidential Debate of 2020 I knew I had to do something with it. The transcript over at contains incredibly detailed and millisecond timestamped data. Hearing about how chaotic the debate went (and witnessing it after digging into the data), I wanted to look at how often people spoke over each other.

Color in Books

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Project Gutenberg is an amazing source of books that are in the public domain. An avid reader myself, I wanted to make a creative visualization using the text of the great books when I came across the “Best Books Ever” list. Click on the graphic to see it in full size. I hope this inspires you to read one of these classics! Interested in prints of this graphic? I have a few copies printed on beautiful art paper.