Last Words in Texas

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In July of 1976, the US Supreme Court set forth the framework that states must follow to comply with the ban on cruel and unusual punishment in the Eighth Amendment with the Gregg v. Georgia decision. Since then, 1532 people were executed in the United States. Death penalty and executions are subject to local laws and not every state carries them out to the same extent (map). Texas carries out the majority of these executions, having executed more people than the next top 6 states combined.

Text Mining LOST

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We’re text mining the transcripts of the TV show LOST, and visualizing them! I retrieved and parsed the transcripts of LOST from Lostpedia and used a few different tools to look at this data. One thing to keep in mind is that this analysis is on only the text that the characters speak. I’m not a LOST connoisseur, and haven’t seen all the episodes. I’m not an authority on LOST, or on text mining.